How To Remove Carpet For Hardwood Installation

Installing hardwood floors in place of carpet is a very common do-it-yourself home remodel project. Many homeowners buy engineered hardwood floors that are specifically designed for easy installation. These floors are made so the planks can be attached to each other without any screws or glue. This obviously makes the installation very simple. However, homeowners often neglect to account for how much preparation work is necessary before you can even start installing the flooring. The amount of prep work will largely depend on what type of floor you currently have. This article explains the process of preparing the floor if you have carpet. This way you will know how much work will be necessary before you can begin the installation.

Pulling Up Carpet

Removing carpet is much easier then removing tile, linoleum or other types of laminate. The carpet and pads are not attached to the subfloor with any glue so they pull up easily. All you really need to remove carpet is if you flathead screwdrivers and hammers with claws. You can pry away the edge of the carpet, and then rip it up with the claw end of the hammer. If you cannot find a seam from where you can pull up the carpet, you might need to just cut into the center of the carpet so you can create your own point to pry up from. Pulling up the carpet is very simple, but you might need to use a utility knife to cut it into smaller rolls that are easier to move out of the room.

Removing the Tack Strips

You will then need to remove the tack strips along the side of the floor with a hammer and screwdriver. Simply hammer the screwdriver beneath the tack strips and then pry them upward. If you are trying to remove tack strips from a concrete subfloor, all you will need is the hammer. The trick is to knock the side of the strip right next to where the nail is driven into the subfloor. This should pop the nail right on the concrete and allow you to easily remove the strips.

Once you have all the carpet out of the room and the tack strips removed, you just need to vacuum the area thoroughly.  At this point, it will basically be 100% ready for the hardwood flooring installation. Even if you are not going to install the hardwood on your own, you can save a little money on labor by removing the carpet by yourself. Contact a business, such as Unique Flooring & Design for more information.