Why You Should Get Your Scratched Up Hardwood Floors Refinished

Have the hardwood floors in your house become scratched up after going through years of wear and tear? If you have decided to invest in getting new hardwood floors installed, you might want to consider getting them refinished instead. Take a look at the information in this article to find out what kind of benefits you will enjoy by getting your hardwood floors refinished by a professional.  

1. The Surface Will Look New

When you invest in getting your hardwood floors refinished, the scratches will be sanded down. Depending on the depth of the scratches, they will be removed completely. Sanding down the surface of your hardwood floors will also get rid of any discoloration that they may have. Basically, the damaged layer of wood will be removed to reveal a fresh layer. The great thing about refinishing hardwood floors is that they can be sanded down multiple times before needing to invest in new flooring material, which is great if you get a lot of traffic in your house.

2. No More Dullness

After years of wear and tear, hardwood floors can develop a dull appearance that can detract from the appeal of the interior of your house. If you get the hardwood floors professionally refinished, a professional will be able to bring shine back to them by applying a sealcoat on the surface. You also have the option of getting your hardwood floors stained when they are refinished. The stain will not only add shine to the dull floors, but can also make them darker if you want to give your house a different look. There are actually various stain colors that you can choose from.

3. You Will Save Money

If you move forward with investing in new hardwood floors, you are looking to spend at least $8 per square foot for the average strips of solid hardwood to be installed. You can end up spending a substantial amount of money if you need new hardwood flooring installed in in each room of a large home. Depending on the severity of wear and tear to your hardwood floors, you can end up spending as little as $1 per square foot of hardwood flooring that is refinished. Even if you want customized refinishing done to your hardwood floors, you will spend less money than purchasing new floors. Get in touch with a contractor to make an appointment for your hardwood floors to be refinished as soon as possible.

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