5 Tips To Keep Your Carpet Looking Like New

There's something about new carpet that just draws you right in. It's as warm and fluffy as a baby bunny in springtime. But your carpet can start to look like a rough wild hare in the dead of winter if you don't care for it. Carpet does take some maintenance, but it's pretty easy to keep your carpet velvety soft and beautiful. Follow these tips!

1. Vacuum often.

One of the main reasons why carpet starts to look worn and dingy is because it is not vacuumed often enough. Carpet that gets daily traffic should be vacuumed at least every couple of days. If you have a pet or small children, try to vacuum even more often. Carpets with a longer, thicker pile also need more frequent vacuuming.

If you do not vacuum, dirt and hair get trapped in the carpet fiber, and with more traffic, the dirt gets ground down deeper into the pile, which makes it harder for the vacuum to get it out. Over time, the carpet begins to look discolored and the pile loses some of it's softness because of trapped dirt particles. 

2. Get your carpet treated to be stain resistant. 

When you have your carpet installed and professionally cleaned, you should have the technicians protect the carpet with a stain blocker. The chemical stain blocker prevents some stains from sinking down deep into the fibers of your carpet so that they are more easily removed. 

3. Get your carpet professionally cleaned every so often.

You can rent a cleaner to shampoo your carpets yourself, but professional equipment is more powerful and can lift stains and dirt easily. You should plan on getting your carpets cleaned at least once a year, but higher traffic areas might need it more often. Whenever you notice the carpet is starting to look a bit off-color, it might be time for another deep clean. 

4. Protect your carpet from furniture damage. 

The legs of furniture and the edges of bookshelves and cabinets can make permanent indents in your carpet. You can put your furniture on coasters to prevent it from really digging down deep into the carpet. You should also rearrange your furniture every so often to reduce the chances of permanent indentations and discolorations.

5. Use drapes on windows with full sun.

The sun has the potential to bleach things like upholstery and carpeting. If you have a window that allows a lot of light into your home, you might use some drapes to filter out the light, especially if your carpet flooring is made from natural fibers like hemp or wool.