A Look At The Three Choices In Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a good alternative to wood planks or stone tiles because it's easier to install. It has the appearance of wood or stone, but is easy to care for and tolerates spills. If you're considering vinyl flooring, you may be wondering what type of buy. Here is a look at your options.

Vinyl Planks Resemble Real Wood Planks

Planks are one option in vinyl flooring. These are made to look like real wood with the color of wood and grain patterns printed or embedded in the surface. Planks are easy to install since they can be cut with scissors or a utility knife. They can be put down loose lay, glued down, or snapped together. Planks are often easy enough for a DIY installation project. Planks have different finishes such as a no-wax, urethane, or enhanced urethane. The finish helps determine the price and the shine on the flooring. The more expensive planks are also longer lasting and more resistant to stains. The backing on the planks also plays a role in the price. Some have a slightly padded backing for a softer and quieter floor.

Vinyl Tiles Can Be Grouted Like Real Stone Tiles

Vinyl tiles are another option for this type of flooring and installing the tiles is also an easy DIY project if you buy the peel-and-stick variety. You can buy tiles in different colors and patterns, but those that look like stone are popular. They can look even more like stone when they are grouted in place. However, you can also glue down the tiles if you don't want to apply grout.

Sheet Vinyl Goes Down Like A Rug

Sheet vinyl is the easiest flooring to install if you don't have to cut it and you buy the loose lay type. Sheet vinyl comes in standard width on rolls. When you buy it, you can have the length cut to the size you need. The main problem with this type of flooring is that it can be difficult to handle due to the size of the roll. Plus, cutting it to fit around a kitchen island or toilet can be difficult. Sheet vinyl can be used to mimic wood flooring when it has plank patterns on it. However, you can choose other colors and patterns as well.

Sheet vinyl also has a choice of finishes and backing, so there is a range of prices for this type of flooring. This allows you to buy flooring on a budget or choose more luxurious flooring when you can afford to spend more. One advantage of sheet vinyl is that there are no seams, so it is a good choice for rooms that might get wet since water will stay on top of the vinyl and not be able to seep between seams and get the subfloor wet.

For more information, reach out to a vinyl flooring supplier or service near you.