2 Signs Your Business's Hardwood Floors Need Professional Attention

When you operate a business in which customers come to call on you, every detail in the building contributes to the overall professionalism and allows you to display a good first impression. However, if your hardwood floors are starting to look old or worn out, this can deter from that goal. Look for the following signs that it is time to have your business's hardwood floors attended to by a professional service.

1.  Wood's Grain Appears Dull and Dry

One sign that your business's hardwood floors need attention is when the grain of the wood starts to appear dull and dry. When the floors were first installed, the wood most likely had a vibrant sheen because of the treatment and coating applied to the surface.

However, after years of being walked upon and having furniture and other objects drug over them, the floors' treatment and coating will start to wear off. When this happens, the wood itself becomes exposed to air and moisture, as well as becomes impacted by physical trauma. 

As a result, the inherent moisture of the wood starts to leech out of the surface, making the grain appear dull and dry. If not retreated, recoated, or replaced, the wood will eventually start to crack, which will only affect its appearance even more.

2.  Excess Staining Is Present

Especially if your business is in an area that receives a ton of rain, snow, and ice, your hardwood floors will be exposed to excessive moisture. Every time someone walks into the building and steps on the floors, the water from their shoes will come into contact with the wood.

When the water is not immediately wiped up, the hardwood will start to stain, especially if it has already been stripped of any oils, treatments, or coatings. As a result, permanent water stains will appear that detract from the beauty of the wood.

In the beginning, these stains will appear whitish-gray. However, over time, the wood will turn black, making the stains even more noticeable. You will need a professional to work on the wood if you hope to get the stains out.

If your business's hardwood floors are starting to exhibit the above signs, and you feel that they are adversely affecting the professional ambiance you are trying to achieve, it is time to have them taken care of by a professional. Contact a company that offers commercial hardwood flooring services to have them inspect your floors and discuss your options for beautifying them once again.