Installing New Floors In Your Home

New floors in your home can completely change the way a room looks and feels. The floors can make a room look bright and sunny, or dark and shadowy, with only slight differences. Picking the right floor means considering exactly what you are trying to achieve and finding the right floor material to match it.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is available in both dark and light colors. Because wood is so hard, it is a durable material. It is still possible to scratch and damage the floor, so finding a contractor to install the wood and adequately protect is it critical to a great wood floor.

Before you start installing the flooring, it is a good idea to have a home interior designer to work with you to find the perfect flooring for the colors and light in your room. For example, if the room is naturally dark, you may want to use a light wood to help brighten it up. 

Hiring a Contractor

It is crucial that you hire a flooring contractor that understands the wood they are working with and the proper way to install it for the best durability. The wood needs to fit right and have enough space to allow for some movement as the floor swells and shrinks with changes in the weather and humidity. 

The house will shift over the years. If the floor is not installed correctly, it can't move with the rest of the house, and you will start to see high and low spots in the floor. A flooring contractor will be able to set the floor making it stable and robust, but also allowing some floating or movement so that the floor can move when it needs to. If the job is done right, you will never know that the floor is shifting or moving.

Cost of Hardwood Floors

The cost to install a real hardwood floor can be much higher than an imitation floor because the wood is expensive, the amount of labor required is higher, and the time it takes to install the floor is longer. The quality of the floor when it gets done will add value to the house. If you keep the floor in great shape, it can be a selling feature in the future if you decide to sell the house and move to a new home. 

Talk to the contractor about getting a warranty on the floor so that if something goes wrong down the road, your investment is protected. This can also add value to the floor and make the cost worthwhile. 

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