Applying Epoxy To Your Concrete Commercial Floors

The flooring system that you have installed in your business will be an important factor in determining the aesthetics of the interior along with the amount of work that will be needed to keep it in good condition.

Can Epoxy Flooring Systems Protect Concrete From Staining And Scuffing?

Epoxy flooring systems can be a popular type of coating for concrete floors as they will be able to significantly add to the durability of the building. Preventing staining and light scuffing are two of the primary benefits of coating a concrete floor with a layer of epoxy as it will be able to close the gaps and pores that can make concrete very vulnerable to developing deep and noticeable stains. The epoxy can also be very effective at absorbing the types of scuff marks that will often be left on the surface of the concrete.

What Needs To Be Done To Your Concrete Flooring Prior To Applying The Epoxy Coating?

Concrete flooring will need to be prepared before the epoxy coating can be applied. At a minimum, this will involve thoroughly cleaning the surface of the concrete flooring, repairing any surface damages, and moving any equipment or furniture that may be in the way. A commercial epoxy flooring contractor may be able to assist you with completing the necessary preparation work so that the epoxy coating will be able to thoroughly bind to the surface of the concrete. This type of work should only add a nominal amount of additional time to your flooring work, but it will have the benefit of being able to significantly increase the lifespan of the epoxy flooring and maximize the protection that it offers to the surface of the concrete.

Will Your Business Need To Remain Closed For A Long Period While The Epoxy Flooring Is Installed?

Keeping your business open and operational will be your top priority, but this does not mean that you will have to choose between keeping the enterprise open and having the epoxy flooring system installed. An epoxy coating can be cured surprisingly quickly, which can minimize any downtime that the business will have to experience. Also, the application of the epoxy coating can be broken into a schedule that will treat various rooms of the building at different times. Together, these benefits can allow the epoxy to be easily applied to the floors of commercial buildings while avoiding the types of disruptions that could severely hamper productivity or lead to significant lost revenue.