How To Seal Exterior Brick Floors

Brick floors can add style to any exterior area or pathway. You can lay out your brick to make your floor completely unique. It is a relatively affordable and easy to maintain product. However, brick floors do take some maintenance over the years. This article explains how to seal and clean brick floors in an outdoor setting. This simple process protects the mortar and preserves the color of the bricks.

How To Remove Carpet For Hardwood Installation

Installing hardwood floors in place of carpet is a very common do-it-yourself home remodel project. Many homeowners buy engineered hardwood floors that are specifically designed for easy installation. These floors are made so the planks can be attached to each other without any screws or glue. This obviously makes the installation very simple. However, homeowners often neglect to account for how much preparation work is necessary before you can even start installing the flooring.

3 Ways To Use Carpet Scraps

Installing new carpet can be a great way to give some of the rooms in your home a fresh appearance. If you are thinking of adding new carpet to your home in the near future, it can be helpful to make a plan to help you deal with the carpet scraps that will inevitably be left after your new carpet is installed. Here are three ideas you can implement to help you use your carpet scraps successfully.

Terrazzo Flooring: 4 Maintenance Tips To Remember

Terrazzo flooring is a type of flooring that's made by layering small marble chips over concrete and polishing them until they're smooth. Typically, terrazzo flooring is also sealed with a water-based sealant after it's installed to help prolong the life of the flooring and protect it from damage. Many homeowners turn to terrazzo flooring for their home's interiors and exteriors (such as patios) because it's an affordable and extremely durable option.