3 Ways To Use Carpet Scraps

Installing new carpet can be a great way to give some of the rooms in your home a fresh appearance. If you are thinking of adding new carpet to your home in the near future, it can be helpful to make a plan to help you deal with the carpet scraps that will inevitably be left after your new carpet is installed. Here are three ideas you can implement to help you use your carpet scraps successfully.

Terrazzo Flooring: 4 Maintenance Tips To Remember

Terrazzo flooring is a type of flooring that's made by layering small marble chips over concrete and polishing them until they're smooth. Typically, terrazzo flooring is also sealed with a water-based sealant after it's installed to help prolong the life of the flooring and protect it from damage. Many homeowners turn to terrazzo flooring for their home's interiors and exteriors (such as patios) because it's an affordable and extremely durable option.